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  • Episode #4-Albie Solana and Jay Kent

    Episode #4-Albie Solana and Jay Kent

    If you have ever gotten grouper or hogfish from Mott’s Channel Seafood in Wrightsville Beach then more than likely it was speared by Albie Solana aboard the Orion. Both he and Jay Kent join us in a fascinating conversation spanning from near death experiences to the state of our fisheries to the newly proposed and…

  • Episode #3- WB Diving, The Masters of Megaladon

    Episode #3- WB Diving, The Masters of Megaladon

    We speak with Captains Chris Slog and Brett Garner and discuss the facinating world of Megladon! As well as spearing. Enjoy the show Connect with WB Diving:

  • Episode #2-DJ Struntz

    Episode #2-DJ Struntz

    On this episode we are joined by the “Minister of Propaganda”, or as you may know him, DJ Struntz. We talk about escalation in popularity of spearfishing, how to be prepared for the worst while out to sea, busting through into the industry and more than a few laughs along the way. Hope you enjoy!…

  • Episode #1-Bruce Mock

    Episode #1-Bruce Mock

    Today we speak with our good friend and local spearo legend, Bruce Mock. We discuss the early days of east coast spearfishing, sketchy dive trips involving questionable decisions, custom speargun construction, baratrauma (since he is an audiologist) in the sport of freediving and everything else in between. Hope you enjoy! Resources Bruce on instagram: @bruce.mock